Avocado Animal Hospital performs ultrasound imaging for fast and accurate diagnostics. Ultrasound allows the doctor to achieve a depth of detail that is not possible with X-rays. It allows for precise biopsy and measurement of an organ.

Ultrasound is a painless non-invasive modern technique using safe sound wave energy. They produce very accurate real-time visual imprints of your pet's interior organs. Ultrasound imaging is commonly used to scan various soft-tissue organs such as the heart, liver, spleen and kidneys. As with humans, ultrasound is also a very important diagnostic tool for evaluating a pet's reproductive system and pregnancies.

Abdominal Ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound allows the doctor to fully examine the stomach and intestines. Ultrasound examination of these organs is crucial when a diagnosis depends upon seeing inside an organ, or when surgery or anesthesia would not be desirable. Abdominal ultrasound is completely painless, and generally can be performed using no anesthesia or sedation. Abdominal ultrasound has revolutionized the study of liver disease, and is crucial in detecting many types of cancer.

Cardiac Ultrasound

The heart is a very complex organ. Animals can suffer from a wide variety of heart diseases just like humans. Most heart diseases are very treatable, and in most cases, animals can live normal lives once the nature of their condition is under control.

This is the area where ultrasound predominates. In order to correctly diagnose and treat these diseases, it is necessary to see inside the heart. The doctor can see the heart in motion, and examine precise chamber movement and view valve motion. It is possible using ultrasound to take accurate measurements of, for example, the heart's size, wall thickness, chamber diameter, etc. Ultrasound also allows the doctor or technician to make before and after measurements of the heart, to help determine if a heart medication is working and/or how much we should adjust the dosage to help maintain optimum cardiac function.


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